Posted on: February 18, 2008 3:05 pm

Mike Bibby trade is going to workout!

WOW, this was a pretty good trade. Bibby is landed in a place where they need that veteran point guard to lead them. The Hawks also have a chance to get  a playoff spot now. They didn't even have to give up Josh Smith or Al Horford which makes it even more great for the Hawks. The Kings get a defensive presence in the middle with Shelden Williams, who was little-used with the Hawks. He now has a chance to prove his worth.

In the end, this is going to workout very well for both teams. The Hawks might just make it to the playoffs.

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Posted on: February 15, 2008 7:12 pm

Jason Kidd to Mavs?!?

I can't believe this trade. I know that Jason Kidd wants out of New Jersey, i mean who wouldn't, they are a sinking ship right now. Let's get real now though, trading away your future point guard in Devin Harris for an aging veteran. Plus, i wouldn't trade away five decent players for one( i know it was Kidd,Wright,and Allen but they don't really count). Also, what happened to "For us to make the numbers work in a deal like that, we'd have to trade away half the team." This is what Cuban said on Feb.11 on trading for Kidd.

To conclude on this, I think that even though this trade would mean championship now, it would also mean that they are desperate for it. They have a solid team in my eyes and i don't think they should trade fast-rising Devin Harris.

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